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5 Minute Learning Machine
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5 Minute Learning Machine Overview

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Owner: Warren Banks
Company: 5MinuteLearningMachine.com LLC.
Delivery Method: Online – Digital Download

5 Minute Learning Machine Table of Contents

5 Minute Learning Machine Table of Contents

5 Minute Learning Machine Review #1

5 Minute Learning Machine Review #2

Don’t buy the 5 Minute Learning Machine until you read these reviews. If you are trying to find out whether the 5 minute learning machine lives up to the hype or is helpful please read further. We decided to review the 5 minute Learning Machine since it was very helpful to me and several students.

What’s Included:

  • 207-Page 5 Minute Learning Machine e-Book
  • Bonus #1 – Advanced Memory Techniques: How To Create Total Recall
  • Bonus #2 – New Advanced Body Language Secrets
  • Bonus #3 – DNA of Success Audio Interview With Jack Zufelt


  • Dramatically Increase Your Reading Speed & Comprehension
  • Increase Your Vocabulary
  • Improve Your Recall Skills
  • Get Better at Math & Numbers too!

Product Review 1

The 5 Minute Learning Machine: A Must-Read
A Review of the E-book entitled The 5 Minute Learning Machine
by A. Balanag

At first glance, the title of the e-book “The 5 Minute Learning Machine” may just raise a few eyebrows for sounding a bit way too promising. If you are a student, you’d know that it’s not that easy to get high grades or even passing grades at the very least especially if you’re not at all interested in the subject you’re trying to study. So it’s either you do not study at all or you try to study and read your book without really understanding the gist of it. Whichever it is that you do, without enough motivation, the outcome will be the same: you flunk the subject. If you are nodding your head right now in approval, then most likely you will find this e-book interesting.

I’ve been a student for a long time now, and I would admit, I’m one of those typical students who love to procrastinate and cram because of lack of motivation. Even though there’s the will in me to want to study and get a passing grade, I still can’t seem to get myself commit to it. I even got myself a book about how I can study effectively in desperation to find a solution to this dilemma. What’s great about this e-book is that it doesn’t only give you that motivation you need, but it also gives you tips and effective strategies on how you can keep yourself committed to studying which will eventually turn you into a “learning machine.”

This e-book sets its focus on the three “foundation stones of success” namely the ability to read, the ability to express thoughts in words and the ability to solve mathematical problems. These are the skills that we should continuously try to improve in order to succeed in our every endeavor, not just at school but wherever we are, whatever career it is we are engaged or planning to engage in. You might think that this e-book is only written for students to read but it’s NOT. It is actually for everyone who wants to succeed regardless of age, gender, career or religion. This applies to everyone.

As I read on, for quite some time, I thought to myself that its claims are a little bit too exaggerated or too far-fetched. It promises a lot, I tell you. But after reading some more, I realized that “hey, maybe it is possible. Maybe its claims are not too far-fetched at all, and are actually attainable.”

The e-book makes use of statistics to back up its arguments and well-stated points. Everything is explained in full detail and presented in such a way that it will motivate you to try out all its recommended strategies. Whether it is in reading, writing or solving math problems, it has got all the answers and strategies you need to make everything much easier and simpler to deal with.

The e-book also provides its readers a set of examples and exercises that shall allow them to practice all the strategies it proposes. For a study guide such as this, examples and exercises are definitely important because through these, readers get the chance to try out whether the stated strategies do really work for them or not. Also, readers get to practice the skills the e-book is trying to imbibe in them. As how the cliché goes, practice makes perfect. It doesn’t only teach you the strategies, but at the same time gives you room to practice these.

Whether we are at school or at work, there will always be instances where reading, writing and solving mathematical problems are required. This is what makes this e-book exceptionally relevant to everyone. It cuts the long chase short, teaching us techniques on how we can accomplish things easily and in a less-complicated way.

If you were given a truckload of papers to read, this e-book provides you ways on how you can effectively go through all of it without having to spend hours and hours of reading. If you were handed a writing task, such as a thesis or dissertation, it gives you tips on how you can quickly transform your thoughts into words and be able to express your ideas more effectively. It also shares a few secrets on how you can automatically avoid the most common errors we commit when solving mathematical equations or problems. So if you are suffering from math anxiety, you will definitely find these tips helpful enough to get you through your math subjects without flunking.

Now, before we get that sweet passing grade we all have been wishing for, we of course will have to go through series of written examinations first – the every student’s horror. The e-book also provides us techniques that will help us pass these.

Although lengthy, this e-book is definitely a must-read especially to those who hasn’t found a technique yet that best fits their lifestyle or a strategy that will actually work for them. It has made me realize that in learning, there really is no limit. If you think you have done everything you can but still ended up failing an exam or flunking a subject, this is not because your mental capability is below average. But it’s likely because of your poor and ineffective studying habits. This e-book provides a solution to that, eliminating all these bad practices, replacing them with a set of rather effective ones.

Among all the techniques and strategies this e-book has shared to me, I would say the best insight I got from it is with regards to the importance of motivation and determination. All these techniques are worth nothing if they are not put into practice. No strategy or technique will actually work if you do not have the drive or the will to keep on performing it. As it says in its epilogue, it is “not only the techniques that produce success, but the drive that will settle for nothing less than success, and you will have learned the most powerful secret of success in the entire world.”

5 Minute Learning Machine Review 2

The Five Minute Learning Machine is a great eye opener for us to get back to our roots and always keep it at the back of our minds that learning never stops. It is a continuous process and is probably the only thing that has remained constant throughout the evolution of mankind. If we cease to learn and be aware of what is happening around us, absorbing every moment, our future will not be the same as it was for a generation behind us. The book is definitely absorbing and proves without doubt that ability to learn is forever, it clearly demonstrates the power of learning is an art and how to master that art. It is a quick reality check for all and makes you reflect back into your daily life, on whether we have just taken the art of learning for granted of we as individuals strive to gain more knowledge and power by learning more and more every day. The book is spread over six parts and is step by step approach to effective learning. My suggestion to all the readers is to read the book at leisure but without any distractions, actually all books should be read that way. Read on and you will know why?

eBook Review

WOW, is the first word that comes to mind once you are done reading “the five minute learning machine”. The book is very well written and keeps in mind the audience that will be reading its contents. It is very crisp and detailed, enough to keep you engaged throughout your read. I’m sure you will find the book very rewarding, that it is only continuous learning that keeps the boundaries at a distance. It aptly puts in perspective our outlook towards learning and how we can achieve so much more by using simple techniques and methods to attain unparalleled success in whatever assignment we undertake, bet it a doctor, lawyer, student or a banker. The book takes you back to your basics, what you learned in preschool, high school and college, the very elementary founding steps into this very competitive world. The book, in a very easy, understandable and practical way proves beyond doubt the simple strategy of power learning, be it reading, writing or simple math and how to implant this thought into our daily work life.

The book teaches us the very essence of power learning, reading, writing and concersing, mathematics, are of remembrance and review and finally how to breeze through tests. The first part assesses study habits by doing a simple “three minute review” of your reading skills, your memory to grasp the material you read and remember it over night.

It lets you retrospect on self motivation clearly by the ability to remember and completes tasks on time. By the end of this chapter you realise your worth when it comes to the ability to learn. In no way this exercise should be looked at negatively but should be a candid eye opener. As we all know “Self assessment is the best assessment”. It also talks about mastering the art of power learning and implementing the same in our daily life. It stresses on the ability to read, to express thoughts into words and the ability to solve mathematical problems. The author calls this “The three simple building blocks of success”. He terms these as the foundation stones, of how we have conveniently forgotten about these skills.

He shows how to use these skills very smartly using simple easy to do techniques which are very practical. It also has an entire chapter dedicated to being organised which explains how to get twice as much of work done in half the time. He simply puts organisation in perspective by stating that it is broken into two very basic and simple formulas. That is getting down to work and doing it right. It mentions the importance of dedicating one hour of study time daily, however difficult it may be given the busy and hectic lives we lead. Once we manage to dedicate the daily study hour, he explains how to make the best of it by making it a routine, so much so, that our day would not be complete without the hour.

The second part focuses on learning new words daily and using them in our daily life. It strategically teaches us how to identify new words and how to develop a habit of searching for the exact right word. It explains the benefits of constantly upgrading our vocabulary and building our own database of new words which will help us in writing and effective listening. How to become a master reader is also covered in this chapter where he explains the importance of locating the main idea while reading, removing the unnecessary and unimportant details and focusing on the main subject.

Once, this is done it is very easy and simple to remember the material read, purely because the focus has changed to finding the important message of the article read. Pre-reading has also been extensively covered in this part where we are taught how to read up assignments effectively and correctly. How to capture the relevant points and focus on the message the article has to offer. The remaining chapters of part two teaches us how to power read, absorb what we have read and put it to good and immediate use. The main focus of this chapter is effective reading and ways to become a champion reader.

Part three is a little lighter compared to part two. It takes us back to school, teaching us how to remember our spellings and how to write as quickly as we think. This part is relative to how much we want to learn and move ahead in life. Bad spellings make for bad reading, I’m sure you don’t want to be on the other side?

Some people love it while most hate it; MATHEMATICS! Part three makes you love maths by the end of it. Never thought using such an approach would actually make solving complex problems a fun thing to do. The author has done a lot of research on this topic and has clearly demonstrated that math is not only about how brainy you are but how you use your brains effectively. My favourite part of the book, surely!

The fifth part of the book covers the art of remembering and reviewing. How to master facts and more importantly keeping it in your head. Here, we learn how to identify mistakes we make and self correcting the same. More importantly, how can we profit from the mistakes we make. How do we learn from our mistakes by correcting the mistake on time, ensuring we never repeat the mistake again by doing the correct thing over and over again until it becomes a habit? Try it out, it works superbly. This part also touches upon how to review yourself and making this a habit. As I said earlier in my note, self assessment is the best assessment I would like to change it to “Self review is the best review”. In know it means the same, but the author beautifully stresses on this point.

The final chapter explains how to breeze through a test, the do’s and don’ts on preparing for a test, types of test and how to master them and how to make tests help you and not think of it as merely a TEST. We all go through this before a test, the book describes very categorically how to remain calm and composed before entering the exam place and how to not let your emotions get the better of you.

The chapter is an apt finale to an absorbing read where we now, if implemented religiously we can overcome our inhibitions and fears and more importantly are aware of the fact that every step we take is a learning for us and a step closer to success. I recommend this book to all, very clearly it has not been made for specific audience and is a must read albeit at leisure.

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